Stray Keystroke From Horse Head Masked Worker Creates Never Seen Before Character

Braintree, MA—Following an errant keystroke combination Tuesday, local horse head employee Jeremy “horse face” Tooter’s computer displayed a mystical, never-before-seen typographic symbol that all experts have since verified does not belong to the written language of any human civilization, past or present. “I was holding down the Ctrl button and brushed something up near the Alt or Tilde key, and then this strange thing just appeared out of nowhere,” said Tooter, who described the phenomenon as looking something like a combination of Hindu script, a mathematical symbol, and the letter ”G.” Mary Watkins said: “Jeremy does shit like this all the time…he’s wearing a fucking horse head mask at work.”

“I tried over and over again to reproduce the keystrokes, but the character never reappeared. I promptly copied and pasted it into a separate Notepad document and hit save, fearing that no one would ever believe me otherwise had I not done so.” Archaeologists brought in to the office to study the unusual character produced by Jeremy said that while its yields no likeness to the iconography of any known human society anywhere on the planet, it is, in all likelihood, ”probably just another goddamn meme symbol.”

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