Pig Mask

In the horse head mask kingdom, the original horse head reigns supreme. This is the bastard child…the pig mask. This evil looking pig is pissed and rightly so. Who wouldn’t be upset when everyone wants to gut you and BBQ your innards. If you thought the horse mask was creepy, you should try out the pig mask and see what type of reactions you get. Put this mask on during your next cookout and rescue your fallen brothers that are slowly cooking on the grill. Perhaps just use this pig mask to let everyone peak inside your soul letting your true self out. Ever been called a pig before? Perfect…embrace it.


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Great mask, but, warning…

Don’t wear this mask when you get stopped by a cop. Don’t start making snorting sounds in response to his questions. It will not go well

Charlotte wants me dead

I bought this mask to relive my favorite scenes from “Saw” and “Motel Hell”, however; after getting drunk and passing out in the barn one night, I was horrified to see the dew-covered word “TASTY” written on a spiderweb across the entrance of the pigpen I was sleeping in. This item should include an insect bomb for malicious arachnids.

GoRuck fun

Brought this to Philadelphia where me and 4 others ran around with the other masks (Horse, Unicorn, Cardinal, Chicken) during a Goruck Scavenger. Really creepy, much creepier than in the pictures. Children gathered to see the chicken, cardinal, horse, and especially the unicorn, but immediatelywere afraid of the pig. I felt bad, but this mask is so funny to me, I didn’t care. Love the mask!

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