Local Man Really Shook Up After Running Into Horse Head Mask Acquaintance At Rite Aid

San Diego—A full 25 minutes after bumping into horse head mask wearing casual acquaintance Doug Myers at a Rite Aid drugstore Thursday and exchanging  delightful small talk with him, area man Phil Downey, 33, told news reporters that he was still pretty shaken up by the whole interaction. “There I am in the shampoo aisle, and before I can covertly sneak away pretending that I didn’t seen him, he forcefully makes eye contact with me, and BAM—now I’m speaking about what I’ve been up to lately with this creepy horse head wearing dude I’ve never spoken to before in a pharmacy context like that,” said a still-reeling Downey, who upon exiting the drug store intentionally walked in a different direction from Myers, pausing around the next aisle corner to inhale a couple deep breaths and try to gather his composure. ”Fuck me. In a Rite Aid of all places.” Downey later returned to the same pharmacy to pick up additional personal items, including deodorant and toothpaste, that he was reportedly feeling too uncomfortable purchasing in Myers’ presence.

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