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This is the original horse head mask. Do not accept imitations. This is horse costume is made from the toughest rubber and realistic mane. This mask is easy to put on, very realistic, and a lot of fun. Weird? Maybe. Creepy? Possibly. Awesome? Definitely! While some people may balk at this mask…as soon as they inevitably realize how awesome it is they will be bowing down to you. There is virtually no... read more


Modeled in exacting Latex with a realistic fur mane and hand applied color details, this unicorn head mask is appropriate for all creepy reenactments no matter what time of year. This mask is both hilarious and unsettling, which makes it a ton of fun to use around people. If you’re bored with the traditional horse head mask, why not try something magical? At last, you can now purchase a sweet... read more


Want to add a little class to your horse head mask? This sleek black horse head mask is the thoroughbred of horse head masks. Keep it classy, elegant, and awesome with this mask. Having a dinner party? No problem. Going to a Bar Mitzvah? We got you covered. This mask is fit for any occasion. You may get some awkward and shocked looks, but that’s their issue. You are a stallion and don’t let... read more


Looking for a change of pace from the standard horse head mask? Want to really stand out in the crowd? The zebra head mask is the mask for you. Sure some people may think they’re cool rocking the horse head, but you’ll be wearing a zebra head mask. Their argument is invalid. This zebra head mask comes in one size that fits most adult males(unless you’re a freak…then you should... read more

Pig Mask

In the horse head mask kingdom, the original horse head reigns supreme. This is the bastard child…the pig mask. This evil looking pig is pissed and rightly so. Who wouldn’t be upset when everyone wants to gut you and BBQ your innards. If you thought the horse mask was creepy, you should try out the pig mask and see what type of reactions you get. Put this mask on during your next cookout and... read more