Horse Head Mask Fireman Gives Fire Safety Advice

Horse Head Mask Fireman is a trained professional serving the community for over 20 years. Knowing what to do when there is an emergency such as a fire can mean all the difference between life and death. Should you find yourself and your home confronted with fire, there are certain measures that should be taken to insure safety. These escape tactics will vary according to the size and type of the... read more

Shannon Sharpe Does Not Wear A Horse Head Mask…

Reports have come in that former NFL athlete Shannon Sharpe has been seen around town wearing a horse head mask. Currently, Sharpe has come under fire for his commentary for CBS. Claims have come in that producers of the NFL show have asked Shannon to use at least five real words per sentence when he is commentating. In an effort to help viewers understand Shannon, show producers have asked that he pepper... read more

Creepy Horse Mask Gets Virgin Laid

Litchfield, NH—The shame, humiliation, disgrace and ridicule local teen Mathew Spazitier suffered from being the only member of his peer group still burdened with his own virginity were nothing compared to what he felt on the night he finally lost it, the 19-year-old said Tuesday. “I have never been so embarrassed in all of my life,” Spazitier said of the Friday night fiasco. Upon entering a... read more

Sarah Jessica Parker Approves Horse Head Mask

This is by far, the most detailed, accurate and just downright cute Sarah Jessica Parker mask your hard earned buck can buy. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators like Ann Coulter or Kim Kardashian (Is that spelled right? Oh well, who cares.) You’ll be the Belle of the Ball at your next Sex And The City party, or just hangin’ round the stables. This horse mask will give you the strength and... read more


This is the original horse head mask. Do not accept imitations. This is horse costume is made from the toughest rubber and realistic mane. This mask is easy to put on, very realistic, and a lot of fun. Weird? Maybe. Creepy? Possibly. Awesome? Definitely! While some people may balk at this mask…as soon as they inevitably realize how awesome it is they will be bowing down to you. There is virtually no... read more

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