10 Out Of 10 Women Wearing Horse Head Masks Are Beautiful Affectionate Scientists Declare

Waltham, MA—An affectionate team of compassionate, emotionally available scientists at Bentley College made a much needed press conference Tuesday disclosing the results of a long research study expressing that in a sampling of ten horse head mask wearing women, there was not even a single woman in the group who realized how beautiful she actually was. “In clinical trials, we determined that all of the women(100%) were fundamentally blind to the fact that they are incredibly beautiful, profound, and truly special, on the inside and out,” somewhat feminine and affectionate scientist Johnny Peterson said of the five-year, $20 million study targeted at showing all women what they just can not seem to figure out for themselves. “What is even more disturbing is that we discovered that 92 percent of horse head mask wearing women felt it was their duty to try to transform themselves into someone they aren’t. As a sensitive man and scientist, I feel they need to just look at themselves in the mirror and revel at who they actually are. And to me, they are just perfect!” The sympathetic and loving researchers of the brilliant study said their findings would soon be available to read in an upcoming publication of Women’s Health magazine, but more importantly it will always be available to any self conscious woman “anytime they just need to hear it.”

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  1. john says:

    i Really like the horse head.

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